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Babia Clothing

Babia is a new sustainable clothing brand with a focus on outdoor lifestyle. The name, also an area in the mountais of León, comes from a Spanish saying that means having your head in the clouds. Working alongside Susana Ríos, we pushed this idea into a different space, transforming this meaning into an attitude: the freedom to express yourself.

Photography — All credit goes to the rightful owners.

Independent, 2019

Creative Direction

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Maresia, by Bifannah

Designed in collaboration with Antía Figueiras, Maresia is the debut album of the band Bifannah. With a variety of influences from the '60s and '70s, and inspired by Magical Realism and the Tropicalistas psychedelia, the album is conceived as a journey through the Atlantic, something represented by the front and back of the artwork.

Independent, 2017

Creative Direction

Art Direction

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Bifannah - Maresia Bifannah - Maresia

Revista Luzes

Luzes is a cultural magazine founded by the writers Manuel Rivas and Xosé Manuel Pereiro. Issued for the first time in 2014, it features literary and graphic reportage and analysis. For the launch, I designed and built their site, a responsive e-commerce developed in Drupal.

Independent, 2014

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Revista Luzes Revista Luzes

INA, by Mvnich

INA is the only LP released by Mvnich, a shoegaze/dream pop band from Vigo, Spain. With a groaning, spacious and melodic noise, their sound remembers to sounds from the late 80s right up to the present day. Illustrations by Begoña García-Alén.

Independent, 2013

Art Direction

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Mvnich - INA Mvnich - INA