A simpler experience for the biggest retailer in Latin America. A best in class retail solution.

Design Lead. Art Direction. Ecommerce. Documentation. 2015–2016


Website redesign

Falabella have been part of people's lives for over 100 years. However, they have been increasingly challenged by an evolving audience and a market place more and more competitive due the arrival of large international brands. The brief: deliver a full redesign of the Falabella e-commerce experience. We successfully pitched and won the business.

Falabella - Home Falabella - Responsive examples Falabella - Buying guide Falabella - Buying guide (Complete the look) Falabella - Product

Tribal Worldwide

Executive Creative Director Simon Poett

UX Director Jonathan Lovatt-Young

Design Director Scott Rushton

Lead Designer Anton Martinez

Lead UX Designer Ian Thomas


Digital brandbook

Falabella became something else than a simple website redesign. As part of the eCommerce experience, we redefined the brand completely, pushing it into the digital space. As a result, we delivered a full digital brandbook to help them maintain and evolve the new site.

Falabella - Digital brandbook Falabella - Digital brandbook

Tribal Worldwide

Executive Creative Director Simon Poett

Design Director Scott Rushton

Design & Art Direction Anton Martinez