Creating a visual universe that reinvents the way the world enjoys tea. From campaign to brand.

Design. Art Direction. Ecommerce. Comms. 2014-2016.


Global site

Lipton Ice Tea is a co-venture, owned by Pepsico and Lipton Hot Tea owned by Unilever. Lipton's mission was to create a 'Lipton world' and unify its two (at the time) contrasting brands. To do that, we developed our own design language, using colour, graphics and textures to define each brand within the new Lipton world.

Lipton - Home (Ice tea) Lipton - Range (Hot / Ice) Lipton - Product (Hot tea)

Tribal Worldwide

Executive Creative Director Simon Poett

Design Director Scott Rushton

Designers Anton Martinez / Richard Toplisek


T.O by Lipton

A groundbreaking, global launch campaign. The machine aims to reinvent how the world enjoys tea, with a multi-sensory experience for a range of flavoured teas. To support 'A Revolution in Flavour', the TVC featuring Le Cirque du Soleil, we didn't just design and build an eCommerce site, but we developed an entire universe of visuals, from print, web to OOH.

T.O by Lipton - Machine and Our teas T.O by Lipton - Machine (Specification) T.O by Lipton - Tea

Tribal Worldwide

Executive Creative Director Simon Poett

Creatives Sam Turk / Paul Robbins

Design Director Scott Rushton

Associate Design Director Costas Brammer

Lead Designer Anton Martinez