Notting Hill Carnival '20 from the Covid-free comfort of your own home.

Visual Design for Web at Stink Studios.


A virtual Carnival

Following the cancellation of Notting Hill Carnival '20, Spotify partnered with event organisers and Stink Studios to create a virtual experience for the weekend. Taking design inspiration from the spirit and heritage of the celebration, the site uses visual noise and loud type to bring a sense of party to the site. To highlight the cultural importance of Carnival, the microsite also hosts podcast episodes covering everything from Notting Hill Carnival’s rich history to current issues facing the Black community.

Recognised by Awwwards and FWA.
Featured in BBC, DAZED, Newsroom.Spotify and Hypebeast.


Design David Fiz and Anton Martinez

UX Director Sam Steele

Development Pim de Wit and Vladimir Exil

Art Direction / Arwork Paq Works

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