Wax Poetics

Digging and exploring analog stories in a digital format. The next chapter of music journalism.

Visual and Product Design for Web at Wonderland.


A timeless platform

Wax Poetics has been a household name amongst world-music enthusiasts since its launch in 2000. Well known for their in-depth journalism, they approached Wonderland to develop an online platform for their readers. Featuring 400+ articles, alongside mixes, albums and a collection of fresh pieces, the new digital Wax Poetics brings that gritty analog world to life, both visually and from an experience perspective: a chaptering system, an analog page turn, or Re:Discovery, a unique experience to dig through old, unknown, and rare albums. With a very editorial masthead feel and wide-set type headlines, the platform aims to vitalise their readership and bring something unique to the world music community.


Brand Design Christian Beck

Development My Kim Bui and Romain Avalle

Producer Joanna Overton

Motion Christian Beck

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