Flexibility in the workplace, wherever you are. A global digital campaign for WeWork.

Design and Art Direction for Campaign at Stink Studios.


A solution for every business

Stink Studios was tasked with creating a campaign to demonstrate the global capabilities of WeWork. Taking the interiors and floorplans from some of their most famous offices, we developed a style to represent their range of locations and people that use their services. Created using motion capture and Cinema 4D's cel render, we delivered both motion and static executions for online, OOH and DOOH. The work was used in eighteen countries and translated to twelve languages.


Creative Director Simon Cheadle

Design Director Adam J. Evans-Pringle

Lead Designer Anton Martinez

Motion and 3D Tim Gardiner, Barry Chapman,
Jay Culley, Lisander Qorri & Daniel Mountford

Music and Sound Ambrose Yu

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